About Me

My love of photography began in at age 11 when I realized that there was a place in our school called a darkroom where teachers literally couldn't see what you were doing. I quickly discovered what they actually did in this room and was hooked. I became enamored by photography and everything related to imaging. By the time I was 16, I had completed an internship at Sports Channel, and was working weekends shooting weddings, bar mitzvahs, and other events. I took it very seriously and learned a lot of important lessons. By age 17 I was an apprentice in a large commercial studio specializing in catalog and fashion photography. I absorbed everything, everyday like a sponge. Life has a funny way of directing you down many paths. I eventually wound up working at a desk job in finance, but photography was always a passion. With my family as my muse, I made the transition from film to digital in 2002, by digitizing and cataloging my complete archive of over 200,000 images. Today, I specialize in fine art, portrait and sports photography. Although, after doing this for over 30 years, if the subject intrigues me, there is nothing I won't shoot. My goal is to create memorable, lasting images.